[MV] MVPA Directory D 5

Lars-Uwe Rudek (Rudek@shh-hamburg.de)
Tue, 26 Oct 1999 10:25:06 +0200

To those of you who want more details
concerning vehicles along member's
contact details, it might be of interest
that there seems to be a limited
number of old D-5 MVPA Directoroes
still available from MVPA - HQ.

Bear in mind the new D-6 is omitting
this vital information. Thus, even if
the D-5 is 7 years old by now, it may
be of greater value to those of you
who are interested in just this information.

Good luck !

Lars-Uwe Rudek
MVPA # 14836
MVT # 8119
T.E.A.M. # 2
- 42 MB
- 42 BANTAM T 3
- 44 MB
- 44 GPW
- 45 GPW

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