[MV] Ingesting Corvus brachyrhynchos RE: "Some interesting correspondence ... "thread

Ron (rojoha@mediaone.net)
Tue, 26 Oct 1999 13:13:16 -0400

Hi list, John Seidts, Everett Doyle and others:

My posts concerning John Seidts removal revolved around an
assumption, on my part, that John was an MVPA member in good standing. John
was kind enough to clarify to the list in his " Some point clarification"
email that he was not a member, either now or in the past due to problems
that he saw in management of the association.
That puts a different spin on the Boards action. While the links
page is for the membership and public at large, it is the association that
determines the appropriateness of the links vis-a-vis the organization as a
whole. Free speech and what is perceived to be an inherent right can be
pushed to the side if you are not the one paying the bill. " There ain't no
such thing as a free lunch."
John, if you want your business to have a link on the MVPA links page
and be able to say what you want about the boys upstairs and be able to cry
foul if the dump you, well you better grit your teeth and join the MVPA.
Then and only then can you get the masses to rise up in moral indignation of
the wrong done to you. As in the town meeting form of govt., you get full
rights as a taxpayer, but only get to sit in the peanut gallery if your not.
No say, No vote, and your presence allowed at the discretion of the
moderator. Hence the value of Arthur's list to the HMV community at large.
The fact that John chooses not to join MVPA does not make him a bad
person. My local club , the MVMVC, which I have recently been allowed to
join , is not affiliated with the MVPA. And the club and people in it feel
that the purpose of it is to get together and enjoy the camaraderie of HMV
collecting and using the HMV to involve the family and the public and
getting to know each other as people. The club ceased to have affiliation
with any parent organization back when MVCC and MVPA had their problems. In
short, they didn't want to deal with the cow manure being thrown over phone
lines and snail mail about who did what to who. And they still allowed me ,
an MVPA member, into the fold. I would not expect the club news letter to
put in a free add if I was a nonmember and dumped on the club. The MVMVC
even has a link on the MVPA links page. This shows that the MVPA is not the
Evil Empire, My way or the highway organization , that we sometimes make it
out to be. ( However, if the MVMVC took out an add in MV magazine and dumped
on the MVPA , I , as an MVMVC and MVPA member, would not blame MVPA for
yanking the link.)***** (ATTENTION MVPA BOARD -- MVMVC does not speak ill
of you -- this is just an example)***** :-)
If the members of the MVPA want change , they must work together, as
members. It's possible that the officers may not realize there is a
perception of problems by the members. And if you are an outsider who
wishes change , then join and work for it. And if you enjoy the benefits of
the local or national organizations meets and rallies then do consider
joining both so the benefits will continue. Then you have the right to
bitch. And its justified.
We don't need to try and form a new organization. This one works.
Not as well as some would like.But the wheel exists and doesn't need to be
reinvented. However the tread pattern can be changed by the membership, if
it is so desired. The first step is to play the hand you've been dealt . So
Vote. Then plan for your next step.
Anyway, I assumed and that always gets you in trouble. My apologies
to all offended parties on both sides. And I hate the way these feathers
feel when you swallow.

Regards , Ron MVPA
18999 ( just a babe in the woods, but opinionated)

4 M38A1's (Tango Uniform)
M715 " "
M116A1 " "
and a bunch of other green turds that would probably run if I got away
from this damn computer !!!

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