[MV] Amphibious M151A2s

William R. Benson (Benson@eqe.com)
Tue, 26 Oct 1999 10:08:27 -0700

That's right, folks, amphibious jeeps. No mods, directly as they are
issued from a Marine Motor Pool...

Actually they weren't amphibious, but I saw Steve Sabol "skip" a jeep
across a flooded tank trap sweet as you please, using hydroplaning. Danged
if it didn't work, with the jeep fully loaded with SL-3 complete M-2 .50
cal and radio...

Then another feller, the smart aleck of the platoon decided to try it,, got
scared, and applied brakes at the water's edge (well past the point o' no
return), and promptly sank the jeep, with all of the gear, in about ten
feet of water.

"Hesitate amd your worst fears will come true."

Any other amazing feats of field use that you're willing to relate
(provided that the statutes of limitation has expired)?

Let's hear 'em!



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