[MV] Pictures of The HUP's Home from Canada!

Raimondo L. Torelli (thealamo@iigbna.iigb.na.cnr.it)
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 10:33:45 +0200

At 17.30 26/10/99 -0500, JAMES wrote:
> Hi List,
> Just for your reading pleasure, I thought I would relate this past
> weekends experiances.
> I had made arrangements to buy a 1942 Canadian Military Pattern (CMP)
> 8 cwt Heavy Utility (Personnel) from Brian Gough last year. With job,
> money, weather etc, It was only recently that I could go fetch her
> home. (Brian is a *v e r y * patient fellow)
> The weekend started with Sam Park arriving at my house in Quakertown
> PA with his F350 dully with 5th wheel trailer. Trailer was rated at
> 10,000 pounds.
> Barry Detweiler, myself, Sam and his wife all started north to Bruce
> Parker's house to see his Mk1 Carrier and his CMP C8 Heavy Utility
> (Wireless) and drool over the various bits and pieces of his WWII
> Canadian Fox Armoured car. Stayed the night and enjoyed seeing his
> collection of uniforms, kit and British/Canadian radios.
> Off the next morning to Brian Gough's place near Oshawa (home of
> Chevy's WWII production plant). Brian has 2 HU(P)s in his garage that
> are prime examples of restorations! We collected Brian and left for
> the storage area for my HUP called the Chicken Ranch (any guessses
> why???) Along the way, we stopped at another collector's yard named
> Mel. Burned lots of film taking pics of his HUP, 15cwt Water tanker
.... (snip) ....

James Burrill

Oct. 27 1999

Hi James,
First my compliments for your "toy"!! Second: Where are the pictures?
Don't be "sadic", (please) where are the pictures! We want to see it!!!


Raimondo - M.V.P.A.

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