[MV] Selling Solid Disk Jeep Wheels

Rice, James MAJ (RiceJ@doimex2.sill.army.mil)
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 06:55:55 -0500

Thanks for all the assistance with the info on solid jeep wheels. The
response and requests to purchase have all been overwhelming.

Thus far, several have asked if I was interested in selling but a few have
outright offered to buy and offered a specific amount. High offer at the
moment is $75 per wheel. I will entertain additional offers until 0900
(9am) tomorrow morning (28 Oct).

Again, thanks to everyone and my intent was never to conduct an "auction,"
rather, I was simply attempting to determine what wheels I had. Inquiries
to puchase were simply to strong to not sell.


Jim Rice
Lawton, Oklahoma
Major, Field Artillery
Battalion Executive Officer
2nd Battalion, 2nd Field Artillery
Fort Sill, Oklahoma 73503
(580) 442-2803/3265
DSN 639-2803/3265

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