Re: [MV] Tanks headed to the port?

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Date: Sat Feb 01 2003 - 04:12:12 PST

Joe, Joe and others,
It's an honor to be on the same list as you guys...
Have a great day!
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Stationed in Okinawa '70-71.

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> > Joe,
> >
> > Not to be an ass about it, but while I am interested in big armored
> > things too, is it really prudent to make this list into something that
> > could be misused by the wrong people (like any stray Iraqi or al-Queda
> > cells in the US) as a defacto intel source? I know that is NOT your
> > intention
>Sorry guys, I didn't think that one through. I am afraid I have gotten
>media mentality and wanted tell everyone about some big trucks and tanks.
>It's kind of sad, but after watching the Today show and 40 other shows
>dealing with our troops and equipment at various location over seas, I
>didn't even think about the "bad" guys and how valuable this info is to
>them. We see so much military hardware here in ___ that it doesn't seem
>like a big deal any more. Every time a group of planes leave from the
>Air base, the local news covers the waving children and wives and tells us
>who is flying out and where they are going. I always thought that was a
>idea (yet lard mouth here has done the same thing). I have been amazed at
>some of the access the media has to what I would consider classified info
>any more. I like for things to be public knowledge, but I do think safety
>for the troops is more important. I watched a local news cast in this week
>where the reporter was inside a cargo plane talking about the kind of stuff
>the plane would have on it when it took off later that day.
>I think the next time I want to chime in about Armour movement I will wait
>week or two. On that note, I will postpone my question about military
>convoys until next month.
>You should always point out when someone does something dumb. Only the
>idiots get offended.
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