Re: [MV] change of Email address?

From: Ronzo (
Date: Sat Feb 01 2003 - 05:16:50 PST

Go online before you get disconnected and unsubscribe to the list. You will
get a query from Arthur's machine asking if you really did request to
unsubscribe, just do what it says.
    Then when the new connection is set up, just subscribe to the list with
your new address.
    If you try to unsubscribe your old address from your new address, you
won't be allowed unless your old address forwards to your new address for a
while. Then you have to change the address shown in your ....
     Never mind do the above 1st.
    Drop me a line if your new address gets hooked up before you read this
and it gets forwarded to your new address.

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Subject: [MV] change of Email address?

> My Email address is going to change tomorrow. we have the cable company
> coming out to install our cable modem. How do I change it for the list? I
> really want to stay on.
> Bill
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