Re: [MV] Tanks headed to the port?

From: Ronzo (
Date: Sat Feb 01 2003 - 05:19:06 PST

I'm with Chuck on this one.

These days countries don't need intelligence services, just a dish. We
aren't letting anything slip about movements that big. Now if it was about
seeing a small Special Ops unit loading and moving out, that would be a
different story.
    The US Govt. has made a conscious decision not to have OPSEC by selling
off forts and making Reserve and National Guard enclaves visible from main
roads. You don't have to be a mind reader when ANYONE can drive through an
unguarded former base and see all the "old" deuces, CUCV's and M113's being
lined up and having maint pulled in the dead of winter. Like an ant hill by
a dropped ice cream cone.
    And in case Saddams dish was down lately, his sympathizers here and
elsewhere in the world (like France or Germany) with a cable connection were
shown how determined George is to make a name for himself.
    The Today show did a 10 minute spot on the port loadout last week.
Showed the marshalling yards and then toured two of the new RORO that were
built to Army specs after the Persian Gulf War. The available ships then
were a mite small and a bit slow. They interviewed the Army troops and the
Unit CO's of the units loading their SS Trucks, trailers and Bradleys.
Showed how they tied them down in side, showed engine room, interviewed the
ships crew, said how fast they went and how long it would take to sail back
and forth loaded and empty and the amount of equipment it could move at one
time and how fast they could repeat the cycle.
    Sounded like the DoD was making sure Saddam knew what was coming his way
in case his intellegence services were missing the point.
     Yesterday the Today show had a spot from Camp Evans in Kuwait. 1st time
it had been offically acknowledged and the press had been allowed inside.
Interviewed the US CO of the place and showed row after row of brand new
M1A1 Abrahm tanks and support vehicles with all kinds of cardboard and
wooden boxes of equipment strapped on them, waiting for crews to show up and
head out.


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