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Date: Sat Feb 01 2003 - 19:43:16 PST

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Can anyone send or point me to an on-line color chart of military paint
especially WW2 Army and Marine colors.

Do NOT use an on-line color chart...I can promise you that the colors will NOT be accurate (if you don't believe me leave me alone for a few seconds with your monitor, and when you come back the colors will be SLIGHTLY different, the same goes with your printer) I suspect there are folks at TN Eastman that will back me up on this.

The color chart in issue 94 of MV mag is accurate, except for one of the browns. They were scanned from the actual FS-595 color chip book, which is available from the General Services Administration. The problem with it is two-fold....the colors are printed so close together your eyes blend the color. Secondly, folks usually view the magazine indoors under artificial lighting, whereas the vehicles are viewed outdoors under natural light....thus people think the colors don't look right.

However, if you take the mag to the paint store, their high-tech paint scanner will look at only one chip at a time (not blending like your eye/brain does) and will accurately analyze it, allowing them to blend you a perfect match.

David Doyle

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