Re: [MV] Military Paint Color Chart

From: Jess Minton (
Date: Sat Feb 01 2003 - 19:50:23 PST

Save a bundle and order the correct year/color Gillespie Paint from Rapco
or another reputable dealer..
Mark at Rapco will explain which one you need over the phone usually if you
have questions...
I ordered a gallon for my WW2 jeep for $25 where as if you go to an auto
paint store for a match
you can spend anywhere from $50 to $150 for a gallon... I took my gallon to
Maaco for their cheap
$139 paint job and told them to use my paint and put it on flat.. looks
great and is holding up well
after 4 years.
Jess Minton
42 GPW
Arlington, TX

>Can anyone send or point me to an on-line color chart of military paint
>especially WW2 Army and Marine colors.
>Do NOT use an on-line color chart...I can promise you that the colors will
>NOT be accurate (if you don't believe me leave me alone for a few seconds
>with your monitor, and when you come back the colors will be SLIGHTLY
>different, the same goes with your printer) I suspect there are folks at
>TN Eastman that will back me up on this.
>The color chart in issue 94 of MV mag is accurate, except for one of the
>browns. They were scanned from the actual FS-595 color chip book, which is
>available from the General Services Administration. The problem with it is
>two-fold....the colors are printed so close together your eyes blend the
>color. Secondly, folks usually view the magazine indoors under artificial
>lighting, whereas the vehicles are viewed outdoors under natural
>light....thus people think the colors don't look right.
>However, if you take the mag to the paint store, their high-tech paint
>scanner will look at only one chip at a time (not blending like your
>eye/brain does) and will accurately analyze it, allowing them to blend you
>a perfect match.
>David Doyle

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