Re: [MV] M35A2 primary filter conversion

From: jonathon (
Date: Sun Feb 02 2003 - 16:00:43 PST

>Holy moly... Since 1964 when I got my first M35 Series Vehicle..I have
>changed filters with ease.... If your Alternator hits the filter brkt... the
>belts have stretched beyond acceptable use... change em...

Yes they were stretched. Yes I changed them with new ones from Memphis
equipment. Now there is 1/4" of space at best. I stand by my comment that
this was a stupid place to put the filter.

> Secondly... you
>can get any number of primary filters for $5 or less at your friendly auto
>parts store ...I don't understand how folks make such a big deal out of

I didn't make a big deal out of it. Someone asked and I told them what I did.

>Most of the trucks I get now from the Govt have about a pint of
>water, or ice in the primary and look as if they have never been
>changed...The first purpose of the filter is to get the water out... and for
>that reason the can is big... water to the bottom....The filter just keeps
>the big particles of rust and paint out from the tank and the Jerry Cans
>used in the field. The other two filters on the engine are the important
>ones and you better change em like your underwear...


>D on't make computer
>science out of the 1949 technology....

I don't understand your statement. It's my truck, I didn't like the filter,
so I put in a different one, end of story.

> Sorta like Kerry with the "my water
>manifold is leaking antifreeze"....ya tighten it up a little more with the
>engine warm to compress the old hard gaskets and in most cases...viola.. the
>leak goes away.....

I didn't following that thread, what other fixes were proposed?

>These trucks will outlast most of us even with crummy
>maintenance.... Dr. Deuce's deuces are a fine example... they will be around
>for hundreds of years with routine simple maintenance and a minimum of
>current upgrades..


>My stuff starts and runs here in Vermont even after 30
>below cold soaks with...oh no.... commercial filters......and home heating
>fuel... off road only.... :)

Of course you ONLY drive it off road then don't you ?



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