Re: [MV] Solargizer Query

Date: Mon Feb 03 2003 - 18:43:19 PST

Hi Paul,

I have used their units for some time now with very good results. I'm afraid that I use one per battery in all of my vehicles. I spoke to one of their reps and he stated that this was the best way to use them.

Best of luck,

> From: "Paul A. Thomas" <>
> Date: 2003/02/03 Mon PM 09:15:16 EST
> To: <> (Military Vehicles Mailing List)
> Subject: [MV] Solargizer Query
> Hi All:
> I ordered a Pulsetech 735X150 trickle charger after reading various posts
> here. The unit came with mounting hardware however without any form of
> manual or instruction sheet. For once I actually want to RTFM and can
> not! sigh.
> The web site (
> ) shows this Solargizer will charge systems with UP TO a 24 volt electrical
> system. I ordered it when I was unsure about the deuces wiring. It turns
> out the truck was converted to 12 volts, so the unit should work on it.
> The Solargizer comes with two leads, positive and negative, to attach to
> the battery. My deuce has two TL6 batteries running in parallel with a set
> of manual switches which can let me run either or both batteries at the
> same time. My concern is that the Solargizer probably detects the amount of
> resistance to it's trickle charge to the batteries and cuts back or adds
> more juice as required (??). If I split the pair of connectors from the
> Solargizer will the different charging states of the two batteries confuse
> it? Or possibly cause an overcharging? All of the posts I've read on list
> indicate folks are buying one and only one Solargizer for their trucks,
> thus I guess it will work. But as I just dropped $200 on the batteries I
> was hoping for a ' comfort check ' from current owners.
> On a side note: what's up with the price quoted on the Pulsetech web site
> for the units? Mine 'lists' for $219, however I bought it for.... either
> $20 or $40 from a list member.. It seems like an awfully wide margin by any
> standard.
> Thanks in advance for your info.
> Paul
> MVPA #24986
> '53 REO M35 Fire Conversion
> '53 AEC Chevy 3/4 Ton
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