[MV] Solargizer Query

From: Paul A. Thomas (bluewhale@jaxkneppers.com)
Date: Mon Feb 03 2003 - 18:15:16 PST

Hi All:

        I ordered a Pulsetech 735X150 trickle charger after reading various posts
here. The unit came with mounting hardware however without any form of
manual or instruction sheet. For once I actually want to RTFM and can
not! sigh.
        The web site (
) shows this Solargizer will charge systems with UP TO a 24 volt electrical
system. I ordered it when I was unsure about the deuces wiring. It turns
out the truck was converted to 12 volts, so the unit should work on it.
        The Solargizer comes with two leads, positive and negative, to attach to
the battery. My deuce has two TL6 batteries running in parallel with a set
of manual switches which can let me run either or both batteries at the
same time. My concern is that the Solargizer probably detects the amount of
resistance to it's trickle charge to the batteries and cuts back or adds
more juice as required (??). If I split the pair of connectors from the
Solargizer will the different charging states of the two batteries confuse
it? Or possibly cause an overcharging? All of the posts I've read on list
indicate folks are buying one and only one Solargizer for their trucks,
thus I guess it will work. But as I just dropped $200 on the batteries I
was hoping for a ' comfort check ' from current owners.
        On a side note: what's up with the price quoted on the Pulsetech web site
for the units? Mine 'lists' for $219, however I bought it for.... either
$20 or $40 from a list member.. It seems like an awfully wide margin by any

        Thanks in advance for your info.

        MVPA #24986
        '53 REO M35 Fire Conversion
        '53 AEC Chevy 3/4 Ton

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