Comunications Box?

From: Don Porter (
Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 14:46:35 PST

    The other day while driving around I found an ex military
Comunications Box. I think. I asked about it and found that it
supposedly came off of a Truck. Inside it has the remaints of the
comunications, or computer equiptmen with some reel to reel's lying
around. It Measures 103" long by 85" wide by 68" high outside. It has a
hook on each of the four top corners. On the back side at the top is an
electric engine with an air purifications system of some sort? I am
considering buying it and turning it into a hunting shanty type setup.
Any idea of what it is/was? Price range? Thanks Kirk

    Also. I have for sale a set of New no box M22 steiner military
binoculars with laser proof lenses. $400 Thanks

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