Re: [MV] Something to remember

From: Stephen L Dussetschleger (
Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 14:47:42 PST

But the Germans also had crappy intelligence. This was a MAJOR problem
that plagued all branches of service and the political heads throughout
the war. The Germans made more strategic blunders based on bad
information than any other major combatant in WWII.

**** Which brings me to my favorite WWII question. Did the US & Allies
win WWII ? Or did the Germans lose it ?
Mandatory MV content. We have our WWII German Army Stoehr field car
conversion up & running. If I can get the digital camera to work as
well, I'll try to put it on a site & let ou all know what it looks like
if you wanna see it.

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