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Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 12:25:08 PST

Come on man. I am an admin. I've been developing since Al gore
invented the thing. I donít care if you do have 8 websites with
pictures of your dog and your jeep that you put together with word.
See the thing is I will rent this domain and I donít really care if
someone buys it. I have the extra space and bandwidth and I just
wanted to do something nice for all the MV fans out there. I host my
own so I donít care about hits and advertising. If someone buys the
domain then I will find another one. As far as updating I thought that
anyone could post content. Make it sort of a community site free for
the using. People can put together articles and how-to's then submit
them to the site. I plan on dedicating about a gig of space to this
endeavor and bandwidth is unlimited. Now if anyone has any positive
suggestions instead of flaming me for posting some domains then I
would be happy to take you seriously. Unlike people who think they
have knowledge that they do not have.

Chuck Simpson

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Chuck wrote:
> Thanks for all the domain name suggestions. I have checked on a
> and here are the ones not taken.
> (very orginal by the way)

That was a big mistake posting them on a public mailing list. Unless
claim them quickly some low-life will register them all for peanuts
then try to sell one to you for a coconut sized amount.

You really have to think hard about a web site its a very labour
intensive procedure unless you are going to make one of these updated
once a year places which receive about the same number of visitors.

The way to go these days is to have a web site that deals with a
specific vehicle type... preferably one that someone isnt doing, and
concentrate on that vehicle alone. You can forget all the usual one
Jeeps, M151 , Powerwagen as they are all taken. Personally if I was
adding another web site to the 8 I already run I would go for some
of less well known vehicle and I am sure there are plenty of people on
here who can suggest one.


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