[MV] Welding References Sought

From: Paul A. Thomas (bluewhale@jaxkneppers.com)
Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 21:35:02 PST

Might anyone have a favorite book they found which explains the basics of
torch welding? I don't need to get esoteric, simply want to weld closed
holes drilled in the deuces fenders, be able to weld in a plate where rust
has done too much damage, etc. I did a LITTLE torch welding in the Army,
and took a course in ARC welding while in Korea, but that was years and 60
lbs ago <g>. My memories say torch welding was the better way to go if you
could only afford one type of welder and wanted to do a lot of cutting. (
Also have the AEC pickup, whose floor is in poor shape ).
Oh: I did try the local high schools and community colleges. They don't
support programs which have welding equipment any longer in this area. My
primary concern is applying too much heat and weakening whatever I'm
working on: hoping for a ' Joe Stupid ' basic guide line to work/grow from.

        Thank You.

                MVPA #24986
                '53 REO M35 Fire Conversion with really really rusty water tank
                '53 AEC Chevy 3/4 Ton

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