RE: [MV] Welding References Sought

From: Paul A. Thomas (
Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 14:29:46 PST

Thanks David. I'll see if the county has any resources like that still extant.

No, I wasn't including you in that group. You spend absurd amounts of time
providing answers for others. I was making a general observation that this
list is comprised more of purists ( witness the ' discussions ' over the
years about whether Deuce's are really MilVehs... vs Jeeps being the only
true MV ) and that the person who wrote the question had a
modified-butchered rig: such posts often go unanswered here. I know the
technical expertise exists as I see it mentioned and applied when the
question pertains to non-modified trucks, so I must guess that many sort of
frown on a vehicle which is not put back to the condition and shape it was
in when new in the Military.
I don't feel that's wrong in any way. People like what they like. It just
makes it a little harder to get clues on what options exist when someone
like that person is digging for information or guidelines on how to do what
they wish to do to their trucks.

If I were going to say something about your mother ( wife, dog, in laws ,
morals, etc ) I'd hope I would do so to your face. Or your email at least. <g>



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