Re: [MV] Export To Puerto Rico?

From: Bruce Beattie (
Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 22:29:17 PST

Hi Paul,
    Puerto Rico is almost a state so I dought if there are any restrictions. I was
up in PR from wen I was 5 till I was 15. The only kind of checks they have going
too and from the mainland is for plants and the like. There are various us military
bases there and DRMO has sales down there.

Paul Vandervort wrote:

> Listers
> I have someone in Puerto Rico asking if I can send him a set of antenna
> sections for the M151 type of antenna to P.R. P.R. is a U.S. territory
> but is this a No Go for export to P.R.?
> Thanks
> Paul Vandervort
> MVPA 437
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