Re: [MV] Comunications Box?

From: Patrick Jankowiak (
Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 00:24:52 PST

I paid $500 for my similar shelter, it turned out
very nice after a thorough cleanup and paining.
It's mounted on my M35, can be seen at:


Maybe it will give some ideas.

Don Porter wrote:
> Hi,
> The other day while driving around I found an ex military
> Comunications Box. I think. I asked about it and found that it
> supposedly came off of a Truck. Inside it has the remaints of the
> comunications, or computer equiptmen with some reel to reel's lying
> around. It Measures 103" long by 85" wide by 68" high outside. It has a
> hook on each of the four top corners. On the back side at the top is an
> electric engine with an air purifications system of some sort? I am
> considering buying it and turning it into a hunting shanty type setup.
> Any idea of what it is/was? Price range? Thanks Kirk
> Also. I have for sale a set of New no box M22 steiner military
> binoculars with laser proof lenses. $400 Thanks
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