Re: [MV] Export To Puerto Rico?

From: Dave Ball (
Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 00:21:34 PST

I had a guy ask me to send him a new style tunable antenna base I had on
Ebay he was in Hong Kong I was told by a lawyer the line on what's munitions
and what is not is not one you should cross for a few dollars....
But you can check on the State Depts. web site for more info.


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> Listers
> I have someone in Puerto Rico asking if I can send him a set of antenna
> sections for the M151 type of antenna to P.R. P.R. is a U.S. territory
> but is this a No Go for export to P.R.?
> Thanks
> Paul Vandervort
> MVPA 437
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