Re: [MV] Russian T72, sorry, my fault

From: Steve Grammont (
Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 15:39:21 PST

Hello Andreas,

>here my fingers wer faster than my brain. I just read the operating
>manual for the T55 tank again
>and found out: For the T55 tank was a track with metal bearings (dead
>track) and another
>track with rubber/metal bearings (live track) available. No tracks with
>rubber pads on the road

Ah! Thanks for the follow up. Once I get a T-55 (er.. not any time soon
unfortunately) I'll let you know which type of tracks I have :-)

I don't know why Soviet/Russian design has so completely shrugged off
rubber padded tracks, but they have. Probably a cost issue.


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