Re: [MV] Russian T72, sorry, my fault

From: Ronzo (
Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 16:02:05 PST

Hi Steve:

Possibly because:

    1) they only had a couple of hundred miles of paved roads in all of
    2) Tanks on roads are targets
    3) Tearing up the roads of a country you are overrunning is not high on
your priority list of "things to avoid" while winning hearts and minds.
    4) Crushed peasants tend to stick to the rubber blocks while steel
tracks work similar to 'Miracle Blade III' knife sets favored by Chef Tony
and are therefore self cleaning.
    5) Cost of 1 track pad equals 1 main gun round or 400 co-ax rounds. Ammo
wins hands down?
    6) Sound of steel tracks on cobble stones sounds cool and strikes fear
in the hearts of citizenry. Also see 4 above.
    7) Lawyers who sue Russian government over road damage tend to

Anyone else got some I missed?


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> Hello Andreas,

 I don't know why Soviet/Russian design has so completely shrugged off
> rubber padded tracks, but they have. Probably a cost issue.
> Steve
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