Re: [MV] Shop Van Box

From: Fred Martin (
Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 10:45:38 PST

Here I go again....maybe...I was looking at the Idaho motor pool website
and there was a 12' shop type van bed for sale. Take a look and see if
it is what you're hunting.
Fred Martin
Don't worry bout the mule goin blind....just load the wagon!

Wilson, Robert J, TSgt, 177 IWAS/AOF wrote:
> Has anyone out there ever changed there M35 to an M109? Is there any
> difference in the trucks besides the shop box? (i.e. suspension related,
> etc) What is the going rate of a shop box by itself? Does it bolt to the
> chassis with the same bolt pattern as the cargo bed?
> Thanks,
> Bob Wilson
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