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Date: Thu Feb 06 2003 - 19:28:52 PST

From: "joe kuti" <>

> Is Nothing Sacred?

That phrase brought a thought to mind. I would love to make a replica of
something real cool, but what good is a cool replica?

I mean it would be cool to me, but I learned from a couple of vehicle
modifications over the year if it is cool only to me, it doesn't have much
of a resale value. So here's a few concerns maybe some one out there can
offer an opinion on (like you people need an invitation).

1. How sacrilegious is a replica? If it is a replica of a historic MV is
that blasphemy?

2. Resale value? If I tie up several thousand dollars in a replica (and
let's assume it looks real) can you ever get your money out of it if you
want to move on to new projects? Has anyone out there ever successfully
sold such a creature?

3. Can you bring a "fake" to shows and have it sit next to the real thing?
How would the MVPA feel about that?

I guess my concern is if I made a look a like tank or armored car will it
fit into the hobby like a real MV or would it be considered a cheap
imitation? I know others (children and regular folk) would like it just the
same, but would you guys turn you noses up at it?

I have used too many question marks in this post so I will quite now. If
any of you guys are considering such a project in my neighborhood and need a
hand, I would gladly put off yard work and exercise to help. Have welder,
will travel.

Joe Trapp

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