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Date: Thu Feb 06 2003 - 18:51:53 PST

At 20:21 -0500 2/6/03, wrote:
>why not find a corvair van or p/u with a rear engine?if you are making a
>fake military vehicle,just put a high quality winch on the front in case
>you need to get it unstuck.if you are making a prop type thing,appearance

Well, the idea is to have something that will have the right look for
an armored vehicle (Humber Scout or Light Recce Car) and still have
the appropriate mobility. A 4wd chassis as the starting point is
ideal Given that we're likely to completely gut it and turn it rounds
means that we'll want parts that are simple and robust but also
relatively available.

If it goes, well, I'll probably sell it and make another (Many of the
Re-enactors in the US that play british would love to have a Humber
Scout to trundle around on). Of course this is all concept at this

But, critical components are:
Solid drive train that is 4wd
Transfer box
Rear engine configuration
Axles that can handle about 2 tons as its a 3.5 ton vehicle.

I intend to build up the body to appear to be or really be the
correct armor thickness for the right feel. That means thick steel
plate, either built up in layers or total starting thickness.

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