Re: [MV] Anti-theft in MV

From: Paul A. Thomas (
Date: Mon Feb 10 2003 - 18:12:16 PST

I doubt 20% of the population realizes these vehicles are limited to 55 mph
mechanically. I've asked friends in the past ( PreMilVeh for me anyway ):
they generally assume speeds are kept to 55 because of military
restrictions. How that would translate onto MV owners I don't know...
And MV's attract teenagers. When I had me rear fence replace with an 8'
tall one shortly after getting the truck I noticed a couple of kids
walk/skate by while the fence was down. 30 min later they walked by with 2
or 3 friends. 2 hours later the strollers were up to 15 or so.
Yet another good reason to have a few pooches around <G>



I doubt such a vehicle would be stolen. Generally vehicles are stolen
for parts, radios, or possibly joy rides. Hard to joy ride at 45 mph
with a dozen cops chasing you because only one vehicle on the road in the
state fits the APB :-)

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