[MV] Deuce Battery Count

From: Paul A. Thomas (bluewhale@jaxkneppers.com)
Date: Mon Feb 10 2003 - 18:37:41 PST

If a response was posted to this in the past half year I apologize to all:
I lost unread email twice during this period. Once to a HD failure, once
to stupidity. ( it's a shame only one is curable )
My M35 has physical room for two LT6's, not four. The manuals show two and
only two LT6's in the battery compartment. ' Modern ' deuces have the dual
parallel / series setup.
Was this a conscious choice when changing spec to the deuce version which
lasted 40 years? Having the extra capacity/reliability of four batteries
instead of two in series? I presume so, but have not been able to find
anything on it.

On an MV related note I found I can order part cleaner solvent which
actually works locally. The plug wires are clean now, as are the
connectors. If anyone needs it you can find the solvent at a local
Grainger facility. They have an 800 number where they allegedly answer any
question about how to use your new arc welder or which type of welder you
might need for free. They are not the least expensive for what you want,
but at times I'm willing to pay extra for their thoughts to avoid wasting
money on a tool which doesn't do what I'd hoped. I used to shoppe at Sears
and ACE Hardware for this, but have found that many of these stores now
offer cute girls with walkie talkies instead of gnarly old farts who can
actually answer my questions. <:{


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