Re: [MV] M728 question - mechanical (Flame)

Date: Tue Feb 11 2003 - 08:10:22 PST

Ah, heck Jay, at least I knew it was a joke and got a kick
out of it.
I'm glad that all of the details of EMT and, etc., were posted,
I had no idea. When I was on a rescue squad back in the
sixties, all we had to do was complete a First Aid Course,
one night a week, six weeks. I have saved a few lives, even
not being as knowledgeable as I would have to be today. Well,
yes, I did lose a few. Eighteen minutes of mouth-to-mouth and
whatever that heart massage is called, on a honey was to no avail
in one instance. Caught a kid that had to leap from a burning
building. He had about 80% of his body suffering from 3rd degree
burns and when I caught him, his skin peeled where I sort of lost
my grip. He lived, though scarred. Not being the hero type, I left
a doctor who watched the whole episode from his front door
receive the credit for the rescue that he claimed he did. Front
Page, too.
Joe Young
ex-ambulance driver

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