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From: Steve & Jeanne Keith (
Date: Tue Feb 11 2003 - 08:30:21 PST

A 'master disconnect' as mentioned below is a good idea for a couple of
other reasons:

Most HMVs are very scarce on fuses incase something goes wrong...

If your HMV has an alternator, leaving it sit for a month or more can
make starting it a 'challenge'. All alternators take a littl power when off.
Over a month, it can lower the battery enough to keep it from starting.

Steve AKA Dr Deuce

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> You can install a battery isolation switch in the positive or negative
> circuit where one of the cables comes off the battery to either the
> starter(pos) or the frame(neg). These switches are heavy duty and
> have big connectors for battery cables. They use a special key
> and are often used on large equipment. I have always heard them
> referenced as 'cat keys' (caterpillar equipment origin?) In the off
> position, it kills all power. Mine is mounted in the floor by the seat.
> When you put the key in and turn it on, the key locks in position
> and doesn't come out until the switch is turned off. Key can be
> modified to be able to be removed while on though. When I worked
> at the power company, we had alot of large trucks with these
> switches mounted in them. They also all had an ignition switch
> mouted on the dash and they all used the same key. So any
> employee with a 'cat key' and a 'common key' could go get any
> truck needed for the job to be done.
> Jon
> 1967 M35A2
> 1974 M151A2
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