Re: [MV] Anti-theft in MV

Date: Tue Feb 11 2003 - 08:14:44 PST

You can install a battery isolation switch in the positive or negative
circuit where one of the cables comes off the battery to either the
starter(pos) or the frame(neg). These switches are heavy duty and
have big connectors for battery cables. They use a special key
and are often used on large equipment. I have always heard them
referenced as 'cat keys' (caterpillar equipment origin?) In the off
position, it kills all power. Mine is mounted in the floor by the seat.
 When you put the key in and turn it on, the key locks in position
and doesn't come out until the switch is turned off. Key can be
modified to be able to be removed while on though. When I worked
at the power company, we had alot of large trucks with these
switches mounted in them. They also all had an ignition switch
mouted on the dash and they all used the same key. So any
employee with a 'cat key' and a 'common key' could go get any
truck needed for the job to be done.

1967 M35A2
1974 M151A2

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