Re: [MV] M728 question - mechanical (Flame)

From: Ronzo (
Date: Wed Feb 12 2003 - 09:38:52 PST

As Buggs would say, 'What a maroon'.

    Hankie has been cranky for quite a while now. He's realizing that owning
a 'Bus' company ain't as much fun as it looked like when he was studying
'Ambulance Company Management 101'... his version of the Cliff Notes was
watching 'Mother, Juggs and Speed' 739 times over a three month period while
crushing his scrotum in a vice, thus simulating dealing with the Medicare
    He only drops in on the list when he has a moment to relive the good old
days when he owned a radio shop, excuse me, a public service communication
sales and service business, and could play with green stuff 90 percent of
the time, and gets crankier.
    If you really want to push his buttons, ask him about the snow
plo.....nah, never mind. The sobbing will break your heart.

Ronzo, aka 'Mr. Plow'

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> Hi Jay:
> Your right, I reread your post and I missed the fast that it was meant
> to be ironic, I'm just really cranky this morning, Sorry for over
> reacting.
> Hankie

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