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From: Dave Merchant (
Date: Tue Feb 18 2003 - 00:09:41 PST

Cletrac of Cleveland Ohio built a large range of mostly smaller crawlers,
for agricultural and construction use.

The Cletrac military product was the M2 bomber nurse, a small high speed
on rubber tracks, used to tow bombers, also carrying an air compressor
for airing tires, large generator to charge batteries, and various tools.

See Crismon US Tracked Vehicles page 384.

An issue on these is the condition of the tracks, if the rubber is cracked,
moisture can get to the steel reinforcing cables.

A site for mostly the non-military crawlers is:

I believe there is substantial parts commonality with the commercial machines
of the same time period.

An outfit to know about:

There is one on display at the AF Museum.

-Dave Merchant

At 11:27 PM 2/17/2003, Buck & Rami Sharp wrote:
>what is a clet track?? someone have a picture of one cant seem to find one
>in my military vehicle mag. may have a lead on one if its still there
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Dave Merchant

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