Re: [MV] Snow

Date: Tue Feb 18 2003 - 17:51:16 PST

Heck, Rick, you're missing all the fun. Like, what would the
fun be in trying to drive out of a 20' ravine that you knew
you could go down into and drive right out with your
multi-axle, multi-drive and multifuel mv, without snow? No snow,
no fun. Look for me in there, too (quote: Buster Brown), I go
down with my mil-vehicles (civvies, too, when Ia'm a forced to).
Leave 'em where they lay till spring, that's my motto. Heck, I
never did go back and recover the '50 Chevy Business
Coupe I ran into the ground, in the woods, in 1959. It was
sitting alongside "Mullie," he (the mule) dropped the bucket
along with the Chevy, so we left them rest in peace.
Bianco Towing (didn't have my wreckers at the time) got
my Chevy van out of the ravine a few years ago. Oh, the
ravine? It's a really deep hole near my garage to collect
rain run-off. Seems to trap me now and then, even on
foot :) Spent the night in the van with a pizza against
my face. Yeah, we was aleaning (listing, Port, 30 degrees)
Joe Young

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