Re: [MV] Zenith carb up-grade

From: R. A. Moir aka RAM (
Date: Tue Feb 18 2003 - 18:14:33 PST

The Zenith carb upgrade is pretty straight forward... if you have the
installation kit with all the little prebent fuel lines etc. You don't need
the degasser any more and the idling is a lot better without loading up like
the Holley. Most of the folks I have talked to like the changeover....and
the power and economy are both favorably affected...20 year earlier design
and made 20 years after the wit...a 40 year upgrade...on the fuel
system on a 50 year old truck... RAM PS... remember because of the improved
regular gas octane... more than 68... you can advance the spark quite a bit
on those 6602 Continentals without getting any pinging and more acceleration
and power for free... RAM
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> MVers:
> Greetings from the snow belt... (Pittsburgh)!!!!
> I'm ready to install a zenith carb on my 1962
> M51 5 ton gas dump. Just thought I'd check the list
> for anyone who may have installed one. If so...
> what are your thoughts ??? Improved economy, easy
> to install, like / dislike ???, etc.
> Thanks...
> Bob
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