Re: [MV] NuclearAttack Medical Treatment

From: Steve Grammont (
Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 11:46:51 PST

Donm't knock something you have never seen for yourself. If you can't
watch something and make up your own mind about its credibility, then you
have no credibility yourself if you start talking about it.

>I cant believe ANYONE with pride in this country would support ANYTHING to
>do with Michael Moore.

I can't believe that anybody with any pride in this country would put up
the fear mongering and role back of the Constitution and Bill of Rights
that is going on right now. But sadly, the masses just keep mooing right
along to the slaughter. Probably all Klinton's fault anyhoo.

> He is a hard core leftist and a poor excuse for a
>campaigner of rights- he and his Union brethren are what has caused this
>country so much financial and moral bankruptcy, so when you talk about pink
>slips you can thank that idiot Moore and his liberal (overpaid) sheep.

I didn't know that Enron, Worldcom, the S&Ls from the 80s, and all those
other cheating, lying, criminal corporations were staffed and run by
liberals and protected by ultra liberal politicians in power. Boy, I
learn something new every day.

>HE IS anti-2nd ammendment and if you read his latest interviews makes NO
>bones about it. Oh by the way he and Hillary are also quote : "on the same

I know he is anti gun. But if you read my comments... the movie does NOT
say the root of violence in America is gun related. This is a kneejerk
conservative take on it by people, like you, who haven't even seen it.
 If you don't take my word for it, see it for yourself. Of course, that
would require more effort than dismissing it out of hand.


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