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From: David Cole (
Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 12:17:59 PST

Did you see his Movie about General Motors?

You would probably recall that most of what he talked about was Flint,
Michigan during Smith's rein at GM.

I was living in Flint at the time in a cheap apartment (converted 1800's
house - to apartment) on the south side of the Flint Engine plant, next to
the Camaro lounge, for any Flintonians on this list. I was attending GMI
as a student co-op. Unemployment was about 40%. People were literally
sitting on the street corners with nothing to do. I remember people
walking through our parking area looking for half burnt cigarettes so they
could get a smoke. I made me remember the pictures of the depression. It
was really depressing just to live in that city at the time.

What Moore said was true. It wasn't slanted at all. It was really that
bad. Later, Smith was the guy known for screwing up GM during that time
period. I left GM just prior to them laying off half the workforce at my
sponsoring plant after I graduated. The next year they shut down the
entire plant. The plant is still there in Ypsilanti and is still owned by
GM probably because it is an ecological diasaster. (If you sell it, you
have to disclose what is there, and you are liable) They are using it for
storage apparently.

By the way, they used to make bombers at the plant next door during WWII
which is now the Hydramatic plant. (<<---- MV Content)



On Wed, 19 Feb 2003 14:13:07 -0500, Combat <> wrote:

> I cant believe ANYONE with pride in this country would support ANYTHING
> to
> do with Michael Moore. He is a hard core leftist and a poor excuse for a
> campaigner of rights-he and his Union brethren are what has caused this
> country so much financial and moral bankruptcy, so when you talk about
> pink
> slips you can thank that idiot Moore and his liberal (overpaid) sheep.
> And
> HE IS anti-2nd ammendment and if you read his latest interviews makes NO
> bones about it. Oh by the way he and Hillary are also quote : "on the
> same
> page"
>> I urge anybody who hasn't thought about how fear is used to distract us
>> from the real issues to check out Michael Moore's recent movie "Bowling
>> for Columbine".
>> , their employer
>> is probably busy printing up their pinkslip. >
>> Steve
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