Re: [MV] M5 Cadillac V8 Equivalent

Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 11:56:38 PST

Guys, I'll bet your best bet is to to remove the points and condenser and
wires and head to NAPA, or a parts place that has decent service. I doubt
if they have it in the computer. NAPA has a large picture book, plus the
military was known for some interesting versions during WWII. My buddy has
a GTB Burma Ford and apparently the military had special distributers as we
ended up with points and condensors for Dodge and Studebaker 6 cyl.
Nothing crossed over to Ford at all, even in the old books. I like the
smaller stores and the old parts guys who will actually help rather than
the excuse "It isn't in the computer"
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> I would guess that Hunnicutt's book would have this info? I only have
> the Sherman book so I'm sorry I can't be of help there. Someone on this
> list should have it if you don't (and you should <g>).
> Steve
> >Does anyone know what the civilian equivalent to the Cadillac V8 in the
> >Stuart is? (year, I need to buy some plugs, points, and wires.
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