RE: [MV] For sale M125...price reduced...must sell

From: john werner (
Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 20:01:51 PST

Bruce, nice looking 10 ton with an excellent price. I only wish
I had room for it.
Regards, John Werner, MVCC/MVPA

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I am offering up for sale my M125. It is a very nice truck, as many of you
might know (some know the truck as "Jumbo"). My exact truck was
restored...frame up...and was featured in 1994 in Mil Veh Mag. You can see
details and pics at:

I paid $19,000 to Jack Tomlin in 10/01, which I think was a reasonable price
for such a nice and rare vehicle. I originally was asking $16,500. I will
take $12,000 OBO. If you are interested in this very rare (parts are
readily available...only the complete vehicle is rare) vehicle, please let
me know.

The truck sits in a machinery shed...out of the weather. I really need to
free up the space that Jumbo know occupies. For this reason, I need to sell
the truck and am negotiable. Although I would like to sell the truck
outright, I would consider trades. If you either have cash, or cash and an
interesting vehicle (M151A2, Unimog, etc.), and are interested in an M125,
let me know. Once its gone...its gone. You will be hard-pressed to find a
10 ton cargo, let alone one this nice.


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