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Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 19:30:56 PST

Again well said Paul.

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> Paul,
> While I do agree with you that this is the USA and not Nazi Germany, and
> that we need to try and stop what is being done to our nation, what is
> with the part about "saving the U.N."? What is the point of impeaching
> Bush, if you are just going to bow down to a different set of masters?
> I think you'll find that most people on this list are concerned because
> of what is being done to America, to our rights and our freedom- but
> that doesn't mean that they are gullible enough to turn to allow
> themselves to be manipulated by the left, which has also been a champion
> of restricting our rights for years already. All it means is that now
> you guys on the left are getting a taste of what your own liberal slant
> has been trying to do to we law-abiding, gun-owning,
> non-politically-correct citizens who value our freedoms. And maybe NOW,
> you can start to comprehend WHY we have always been so "resistant" to
> surrendering our freedoms to a stupid dogma, be it a "Patriot Act", or
> giving up our God-given rights "for the children". But as far as saving
> the U.N. goes, you can keep'em. I can't speak for anyone else on this
> list, but for myself, I'm not a "global citizen"; I'm an American. At
> least, I'm what being an American used to mean. And as far as solving
> our nation's problems (and I do agree that we are facing some very BIG
> problems), the answer is NOT going to be found in swinging to the Left
> in some sheep-like stampede. The answer to this is in returning to what
> created this nation in the first place- the Constitution and the Bill of
> Rights, before it was "interpreted" by those who got us here in the
> first place. Anything less than that is less than our birthright as
> Americans. Like the song goes, "And I'll get on my knees and pray, that
> we don't get fooled again."
> Jay Travis
> Paul A. Thomas wrote:
> > actually, there's a site to impeach Bush and his cronies headed up by
> > former Atty General Ramsey Clark. I know this will piss a number of
> > you off, however those who agree with me that this is the USA and not
> > Nazi Germany might want to check out
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Paul
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