Re: [MV] Is your hobby out of hand?

From: Paintball Plus (
Date: Fri Feb 21 2003 - 14:56:06 PST

My almost live in girlfriend is also pretty cool about truck parts -
It's my wife that gives me problems.

Ryan M Gill wrote:

> I guess I can count myself terribly lucky in that I have an almost
> live in Girlfriend who doesn't have much say in what I do where in the
> house. Not that I bring oily dirty MV bits into the bedroom. I have
> good clothes in there (wool Kilt among other things) and I don't like
> the idea of carcinogens in my bed.
> Even so, the living room was a great place to blanco my webbing and
> the sun room is a great place to pull parts apart since it's off the
> garage.
> We'll see what she does when she moves in to the house in 3 months,
> but so far, she's pretty laissez faire about the entire MV thing.

Bruce Kalin (Convoy Coordinator)
The Largest Historic Military Vehicle Convoy in US History

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