Re: [MV] Painting and such.

Date: Sat Feb 22 2003 - 03:16:37 PST

Maybe Aervoe did change heir formula. Or, you
don't park your vehicles out in the sun; this is
what always caused my problems. Maybe it was
three years ago that I painted the trailer, time
seems to go so fast. I've had more than the
trailer fade to pink, or whitish, or both. A
hard cab top, M37 and other vehicles. I shot
my M135, years ago. Gillespie late WWII semi-
gloss, from Army Jeep Parts. This truck sat under
a car (truck) port, so the sun was able to beat on
the sides of the truck. It never faded. Did my 1945
MB in 1992 and it still looks great.
Another tip is to wipe the vehicle down with tack
rags. These are bees wax coated cloths that
snatch up dust, a major problem when trying to
achieve a real nice finish. Not so bad with mil-spec
paint and colors, but dust really stands out after
shooting a high gloss top coat. Do the wipe after
sanding and masking is completed. Blow all the
crevices out, too. It's sickening when you make a
pass spraying and dust flies out and onto the
new paint being applied.
Did my lungs Royal Blue, in 1959, shooting my
first spray job. Borrowed a gun and went at it
indoors. No exhaust fan or respirator. I didn't
know any better, so I coughed and blew blue
paint out of my system for days.
Another lesson learned in the early days was not
to have an air powered grease gun(s) fight
prior to painting, the results will be a disaster.
Little specks of grease were all over the car,
after our shoot out and the first coat of primer
bubbled up all over, so we had to remove it with
gallons lacquer thinner. We had used a lacquer type
primer -- fast drying.
Joe "in the know about grease gun fights" Young

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