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Well fellows,
Looks like Nickolay just said "COME ON"!
I thought he might!

When y'all get it together post something, I'd like to think I could go, not
likely, but something to wish for.

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    Hi all!
    Excuse for my English language. I this language at all do not know. The
electronic interpreter works for me. I hope he well carries out the work.
    I am very glad, that all of you have begun to speak on this theme. I
already for a long time tried "to reach" to you with this idea.
    The information for those who is interested where these vehicles
(StuGIII and PzKpfw III Ausf J) are found.
    StuGIII is found near to city Velikie Luki, Russia. Now is in the Pskov
area, in territory of an automobile facility. The large temptation for the
collectors and wishing of the large earnings. I am familiar and talked with
two Germans, which have lost on it StuGIII about $ 80 000. Probably, this
StuGIII will leave Russia, but if it will take place, only is illegal. Now
already other people do attempt to solve the problem of export StuGIII with
the officials from Moscow. I attentively look behind development of these
events. I was on a place, where there was this StuGIII three years before
its rise.
    PzKpfw III Ausf J is found near to city Sichevka, Russia. Other part of
a history is not completed yet, its pages are still done now. For very
curious I can tell in telephone conversation (in Russian).
    Anyone knows how enter contact with "koebik", which has placed these
photos on a site of a network? I shall be very grateful for the help!
    Mr. Steve Grammont, whence at you the information, what PzKpfw III Ausf
J is found in Belarus? Where I can look at this reference?
    Mr. Ryan M Gill, in our countries it is possible to find some Lendlease
British and US gear.
    Dear <> and others wishing to organize
archeological expedition! Write to me, we shall decide all problems
concerning it we and necessarily shall decide all. After end of this
expedition you receive the most unforgettable adventure in your life. I am
sure, our club and our state will go to you and will execute all your
requirements. Below I put the letter-offer from our club, which I already
wrote on this site of a network.
    I am glad to answer all your questions. The people, let's recollect that
time, when USA and USSR were the allies. Let's to not forget that our
parents have given back the life for freedom and our friendship! There is an
opportunity (it is necessary only together to try) to touch a history.
Nobody should be forgotten. The people without a history - tree without

Public Union
Military Patriotic club
Republic of Belarus.
    Our organization has state licenses for search lifting, rstoration and
sale not only military (aviation, armoured equipment and so on), but also
civil equipment (automobiles, tractors, prime movers, motorcycles and so
on), the equipment of Wold War I, Wold War II, pre-war periods, and material
evidences of all historical periods on the territory of Republic of Belarus.
         The result of our activity is a creation of a small collection of
historical equipment:
  Soviet tank BT-7, produced in 1935, submerged on 11 metros of depth, but
now it has been restored for working state in original complete set.
  Soviet tank IS-2, 1944, produced in 1944.
  Parts of the Soviet tanks T-34-76, produced in 1939-40.
  German cannon Pak36(r). Having been submerged on 4 metres of depth. It s
completely restored. The gun "Pak36r" is the modernized sample of the Soviet
gun "F-22USV", which plenty was seized per the first months WWII. As the
basis for modernization the capture of a plenty of warehouses with an
ammunition to the given gun has served.
  German 21cm Morser 18 on a transport carriage found in the wood has been
completely restored now.
  Two German tanks Pz.Kpfw.38(t), exploded but now they are in a complete
set for restoration to a working state. All works on their restoration are
  German tanks Pz.Kpfw.III, Completely restored up to a running condition
(all units and the paint was kept from year of release).
    Our state due to geopolitical situation was a member of all global
conflicts. The war with Sweden, Napoleon s compaign to Russia (the rest of
troops were defeated in Belarus), Wold War I, Wold War II lest evidences of
all historical events on our land.
    In organization of searching work we use archive facts. According to
official returns on the territory of Republic of Belarus, the losses of the
famous German tank Pz.Kpfw.VI TigerI were numbered in 216 ones, but as for
as the rest of military equipment about 11000 ones. In consequence mistaken
opinion of Vermaht guidance, during the operation Bagration in 1944, it
turned out to distract the attention and when germane troops would return to
the lest territory, the command was given not to destroy all the equipment,
but to take measures to its cover. The rapidity of this operation didn t
give a chance of taking out material resources equipment to new positions.
    The members and eye-witnesses of battles help in our searching work.
Such work gives bigger result than work with archives, but is complicated by
the fact that some of them died, some are old and live in different parts of
the world.
    Our specialists have a big experience of searching and lifting not only
the unbroken equipment but the exploded, parts of which were dispersed in
the radius of some metres and were in the marsh on the depth of more than 10
metres. During 4 years our specialists carried out more than 50 liftings of
different complication not only in Belarus but in Russia as well. We have a
big experience and technical opportunities of equipment and aviation
restoration to a working state.
    We are looking for partners on mutual help conditions for realization of
following programmers:
1. Museums and private collections interested in buying equipment and
material evidences (it s possible to order searches of certain kinds of
equipment, arms, attributes and so on).
2. Those who wish to take part in the lifting of equipment, excavations of
constructions, fortifications and depots.
3. Searching groups for joint work and excavations and information that they
4. Eye-witness and all who wish to help in searching of lost and buried
historical evidences on our territory.
5. Publishing houses and television and radio companies that wish to get
video and photomaterials of carrying excavations and listings that are
carried by us and joint groups.
6. We can also help in looking for perished missing on the territory of
Republic of Belarus, organizations of burring and reburying of remains.
    Our union takes responsibility of living transportation, carrying works
and other organization questions of the groups and persons that are invited
by us. We guarantee safety, the whole confidentiality of information, civil
and state support for the time of your staying in our country.
    We cooperate with all organizations of such king in the former USSR.

    I wait for your letters. I am ready to send to you some photos about our
    It s important to have a person who knows Russian for phone
    It is a pity, that I a little have written, it is very difficult to me
to write, not knowing language. For complete understanding of this question
it is necessary much to decide and to discuss. Our club our state and I are
ready to discussion and decision of all questions.
Nickolay Panov.
V.Gastinec, 75-86
222310, Molodechno
Republica Belarus
Tel: +375 1773 69404
Tel/fax: +375 1773 54974

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