Saturday morning TV show with a Stuart?

From: GOTAM35 (
Date: Thu Feb 27 2003 - 07:08:29 PST

Back in the 70's when I got to watch TV on Saturday mornings there was a
show on one of the networks called something like "Noah's Ark" or some other
goofy name and on one episode they had a, what I now believe to be, Stuart
tank. The images in my mind are 25 years old, so I don't remember exactly
what it looked like. This is one of the first shows where they tried to
teach children morality instead of entertain them. The shows regulars road
around in a big RV, sorry, Cheesy RV and spread joy and brotherhood though
out a future earth filled with poverty.

Anyway I have wondered for years what the tank was and I now realize if
anyone would know it would be you folks. The tank operator was spooking
people with it but the folks on the ark knew it was not operation because it
had a weed in the gun barrel. The operator told them "I can find no more of
the ancient fuel." Despite filling my head with loads of other crap, I
can't remove that quote. I use it from time to time in ways that make no
sense to those around me. Please if anyone can remember (and wishes to)
what this show was, help me out. I've got to get rid of those voices.

Feeling better and now going to work (never bored down here in the warm,
moist south)
Joe Trapp

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