Re: [MV] A safety warning for loading trailers

From: Greg (
Date: Thu Feb 27 2003 - 12:44:09 PST

Ah hell, I might as well chime in.

Some years back a friend and I picked up several Unimogs at an indian
reservation. We were on somewhat of a tight schedule, so we took his U-900
and rented a 10K# trailer from a local trailer manufacturer. Then ran back
to his house to fabricate connections and re-engineer the hitch (needed to
make it a bit more solid, and get it lower to level the trailer).

Hitched up, and away we go - California to the Four Corners area. We went
ahead and helped the other guy that was there to load and disassemble his
Unimogs, and then loaded ours. I had a complete cab loaded on the towing
Unimog's bed, and we loaded a complete Case MB 4/94 on the trailer. Or tried

Initially (since this was rated at 10K#, and we thought it should be able to
handle it), we tried loading without blocking the rear of the trailer - just
using the ramps.

Ever seen a trailer tail make a sudden 45 degree bend? We borrowed some
torches, come alongs, and a porta power to straighten it. Reinforced it a
bit and then loaded the Unimog on, this time with plenty of blocking
supporting the trailer tail. Chained her on, loaded the rest of the tools,
and away we went. Top speed down hills was around 15 mph - and even then on
long downhills you could smell brakes. Plenty of fun. Made it home safe and
sound, and a few months later the cab was installed on my Unimog, along with
the other modifications. Heheh - now I'm thinking of trading for an M35
(yeah, heresy, I know...)

Use blocking to stabilize those trailers!

Vista, CA

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