Re: [MV] A safety warning for loading trailers

From: Fred Martin (
Date: Thu Feb 27 2003 - 08:56:41 PST didn't know the Corps is a department of the navy?
Personally, I liked marines going to sea. They were called the Fleet
Marine Force...went up to the chow line one day and it was a half a city
block long with them...the ship took a prety good roll or two and one
lost the last meal he had. They all headed for the rail and I walked up
and got me a tray. It was worse out on the mess decks. They (the green
ones) (is this a pun or what?) couldn't handle the cup, tray and
silverware sliding back and forth, some going this way, some going the
other and only two hands to work with. Bout that time one would throw up
and his tray would hit the deck and a few more would lose it. I guess
when you're that don't notice the sailors wetting a
napkin and putting it under their tray. After having our laugh (and
feeling sorry for them) we had to coach them, we didn't want to mess
with them....cause they're trained to kill...(but not on that day.) The
only thing I didn't like about them at sea was the fact that I had to go
back through their berthing compartment to take ballast tank soundings
and it smelled like a mixture of toe jam, underarms and vomit. Poor
miserable devils...I can see why a lot of 'em stayed up on the main deck
and did physical keep their mind occupied. They had
nicknames like jarheads, jirenes (sp?), leather necks and pogy
baiters...and I never seen one I didn't like...or at least his
girlfriend....and if she gave him one of those social things...he had to
go to the brig...dang! Any of you old semper fi's care to add to this?
Can I remain anonymous? Naaa...Fred Martin

Ryan Gill wrote:
> At 8:03 PM -0800 2/26/03, Cliff Smith wrote:
>> Well Paul;
>> You know I just cant let this one slide. I have been reading all your
>> ARMY stories about Accidents (that involve DAMAGE), and must say that
>> Marines dont have those, Ya see we are missing one thing in the
>> Marines- DAMAGE! We Marines are Faster than the trucks, thats why
>> there are more Marines than trucks in the Corps. ARMY has more trucks
>> than Doggies, thusly More Accidents and loss of Vehicles. So my point
>> is that Jarheads are just more aware of whats going on with their
>> trucks, the stopping them BEFORE the DAMAge part, and that we
>> should I say this..............BETTER!!!!!!!!!
> The army doesn't get the Navy to ship them around every where.
> *ducking*

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