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From: MVTrucker@aol.com
Date: Thu Feb 27 2003 - 14:42:53 PST

Darn, I think that I forgot to mention a neighbor training aid.
We stored over 100,000 gallons of gas, diesel, kero and #2
here when I had the bulk plant. Neighbors start shaking my
leaves a little, Jay and I would carry out the 1/2 scale Civil
War mortar, double charge it, (100 grams) double wad it and
let 'er go. Blew Jay's ears out and the windows on one side of
my shop one time. Rescue squad, fire company, bomb squad
and neighbors showed up for that one. :) Ole Charlie Green was
astanding on the hill holding an empty frying pan. He said "You done
made me drop ma Mo *XX$$! eggs!" I think he said the same thing when
I dropped a 1/4 stick next to his house. His dog bit me, though. I
still want to pay back that favor, but Charlie and the dog are dead.
Joe Young

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