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Date: Fri Feb 28 2003 - 13:11:26 PST

    A neighbor/friend has a BATF license to manufacture automatic weapons.
On Mothers Day, He landed his Korean War vintage Scout Chopper on the hill
above my house,(complete with skid mounted Vicers Water-cooled MG )and we
met him to use up some ammo.On the next hill, several ladies were having a
Luncheon( did I mention they were the landed Aristocracy?) We set up a 30
cal. on tripod, test-fired a Desert Eagle 50 cal pistol, and loosened up
with a Tommy gun and a number of 50 round drums....I think I shot a Mac10,or
11 too....We filled up 3+ drums of empty brass.
    Meanwhile, the state police had dispatched 7 patrol cars, and then
called up a police chopper because all those hills confused the noise, and
the disturbance had forced the neighbors luncheon inside!
    When the chopper located the drive, and the convoy arrived at the crest
of the hill, the Sgt didn't know whether to walk over carrying his
streetsweeper shotgun, or not!
    Doc produced his BATF liscense , and the Sgt then asked if we could keep
it down a little, as one of the ladies had called the Commandant of the
State Police at home to Investigate this war zone!
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> Cripes, as bad as my neighbors have it, you guys are
> putting new ideas in my head :)
> Years ago, when I was in the Jersey Devils Motorcycle
> Club, we had a lot of fun with true dynamite. That is, until
> the cops came to our clubhouse, walked us over to the
> woods and demonstrated their firepower shooting into
> the trees.
> Two groups, I led one, had a fireworks battle in Shiloh, NJ,
> one of those quaint little boroughs, small population. We
> were hurling, by hand, 1/4 sticks and hooting fire balls at
> each other. I caught a ball in the chest, so I laid a 96 rounder
> sideways on the ground and let 'er go. I suppose we fired
> thousands of rounds, long strings of Chinese crackers,
> aerials aimed at each other and so on. Problem is,
> we pulled this off in the community cemetery, so I got a
> visit from the mayor, who gave me a stiff reprimand. Seems
> there was a major problem with the debris, not the noise.
> He did offer his land for our next "exercise." :)
> Joe "Lucky to still have both hands" Young
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