Military Vehicles, November 1996,: adapters?


William C. Beilschmidt (
Mon, 11 Nov 1996 13:37:25 +0000

Do i need any sort of adapter kit to install a new Chevy 350 in my M-725
Kaiser? I talked to some folks who own restoration shops in my area and
one of them suggested sawing off part of the frame from a Chevy Blazer
and mounting it to my truck. He said this would be the cheapest way to
go since i don't have a transfer case and would like to have one rather
than just having straight 4 wheel drive. Apparently, transfer cases are
expensive? Anyway, i'm a little skeptical about replacing my sturdy old
frame with a newer, less well-built, Chevy Blazer frame. I want stock
Chevy mechanical and electrical parts throughout my truck however. Can
this be done without changing the body, frame, and chassis?