Military Vehicles, November 1996,: CDL Licensing

CDL Licensing

Sean Bathrick (
Mon, 11 Nov 96 14:43

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I recently purchased a '51 M135, 2 1/2 ton Cargo Truck. I had it delivered
and have been working on it. It is to the point that I can drive it. I
understand that I don't need a CDL to operate it, but have been told that I
need a class B license, in the state of California. Is this right? Are
there any provitions for vehicles with Historic plates? It seems to me that
if I was driving it for business it might be different. But this is used
for sporatic, personnal use. I can go and rent U-Haul trucks and haul loads
greater than anything I'll ever put in this truck, all with a class C
license. Does anyone know of a loop hole? I have my military license with
2 and 1/2 ton 6X6 rating, but I seriously doubt that a Highway Patrolman
would let me off with that. Any comments would be appreciated.

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